Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New IQ, MR and Death Penalty blog: Looking for guest bloggers, ideas, suggestions, etc.

Today I'm officially unveiling the Intellectual Competence and the Death Penalty blog to others.  I've been running this blog "under the radar" in order to ascertain my real motivation in maintaining it and to build some initial content.  I think I'm ready to give it a "go for launch."

First, I would suggest that all readers check out my purpose statement.

Second, at this time I'm seeking nput from others on potential topics and issues that readers would like me to comment on...or find relevant research.  Send me ideas [or you will end up living with what I deem important].  Be sure they are related to the areas that are the focus of this blog (see purpose statement link above).

Third.  I'm seeking guest bloggers.  I'd be interested in mental health professionals who would be interested in making guests posts.  I'd also be interested in those from the legal profession who deal with Atkin's cases providing relevant guest posts.  Contact me via my email in my profile.

Fourth.  I'm seeking content and links.  If you know of relevant blogs, articles, links, resources, etc., please forward to me for possible inclusion.

Fifth.  I would appreciate blog roll links at other relevant blogs and web pages.  If you provide me a link, send me a note and I'll check out your site and, if relevant and appropriate, will add it to my blog roll.

Thank you.  I hope this blog finds its niche and provides useful information to those involved in the "life-and-death" issues surrounding mental retardation and the death penatly.

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for starting this blog. I thought I had posted a comment when it first started but I have not seen it appear. I'm a cross-cultural forensic neuropsychologist. Here are some issues I would like to see addressed:
    1. Does Atkins apply to MR at the time of the crime or the time of execution? In the original Atkins case there was an attempt to say that his intelligence had improved as a result of participating in legal discussions and was therefore fit to be executed. What does each alternative imply about the nature of the Atkins decision and about our clinical work? What about attempts to educate the defendant to improve their intelligence and make them executable (and how smart do you have to be to figure out not to respond to the education)?
    2. The ABAS has no validity scales. How can we evaluate response bias in adaptive behavior ratings?
    3. For immigrant defendants is MR relative to their population of origin or the U.S. or some interpolation? Is there any case law on this?

    Tedd Judd, PhD, ABPP-CN